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Make Friends with Your Back

by Carol Bucci on

Are you at peace with your back? Since we spend more money on chronic back issues than any other part of our body, not liking our back is a major problem. Unfortunately, we cannot get away from our back; and if our back is in chronic pain.... Read full article

How are you keeping off the extra Holiday pounds?

by Jim Johnson on

Like most people, one of the things I look forward to most during the holiday season is the food. Thanksgiving gets it all started, then Christmas dinner, leftovers, and New Year’s Eve is the proverbial cherry on top. It’s a dangerous time.... Read full article

Autumn Leaves Signal it’s Time for a New Workout

by Greater Rochester Chiropractic on

Now that autumn is in the air, summertime recreational activities such as camping, going to the lake or beach, volleyball, and surfing begin to take a back seat and we look to focus on more prosaic forms of exercise. Strength training activities and ... Read full article

Hydration for Health

by Greater Rochester Chiropractic on

Approximately 71 percent of the earth's surface is composed of water. Similarly, 60 to 70 percent of the average adult human body is composed of water. 72 pounds, or 36 quarts, of water. If you're a 175-pound male, you're carrying around at least 105... Read full article

Here Comes The Sun

by Greater Rochester Chiropractic on

Summer is here and, although you may not be actually "dancin' in the streets" as famously proclaimed by the beloved Motown group Martha and the Vandellas, you will likely be spending much more time outside. One of the great benefits of our increased ... Read full article