How are you keeping off the extra Holiday pounds?


Do you have a plan for the holidays?

Like most people, one of the things I look forward to most during the holiday season is the food.  Thanksgiving gets it all started, then Christmas dinner, leftovers, and New Year’s Eve is the proverbial cherry on top.  It’s a dangerous time for someone like me who can’t resist a good homemade pie.  I don’t want this holiday season to set me back 6 months, so what’s the plan to avoid putting on some pounds?  I have created a few tricks for you to practice that will help a bit when trying to limit the holiday pounds.  Enjoy.

  • Imagine yourself eating good food that is healthy for you.  Before every meal, think about a healthier option.  This will get you in a mindset that limits over-eating.
  • Stick with your normal exercise routine during the holidays as best you can.  I know it can be tough with travel, visitors, and Santa coming to town, but this is crucial.  How do you stay on your exercise schedule during the holidays?
  • Reverse procrastinate. Instead of eating right away, sit and wait a minute or so.  Take your time during the holiday dinner rush.  When you are eating bad food, your body needs to stabilize itself.
  • Limit availability. Leftovers are arguably the best thing about the holiday season.  The more you have in the fridge, the more you will eat.  Avoid keeping snacks and extra food on hand and available.  How do you limit your holiday food availability?
  • Brush teeth. This seems so simple, but it works.  Brush your teeth immediately after you finish dinner.  This puts your brain in a mindset that eating time is finished for the evening.  It’s a small tweak that works magnificently.
  • Write out health goals. During the holidays, it can become easy to forget about your health goals, or “have a cheat day.”  You must get your goals in writing and visually see them to have a greater impact on your decisions.  Do you write our your goals?
  • Develop a support group. Other like-minded people with your same interests and desires can be very helpful and supportive, especially in the topic of health/food.

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Life Tip #12: Get at least six to eight hours of sleep each night.  Lack of sleep can result in developing poor habits, like over-eating.

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26 Dec 2017

By Jim Johnson
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