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1115 E Main Street , Rochester, NY 14609
Available for commissions of your fuzzy friends! I'm a painter/printmaker with a strong interest in the human condition. Even my animal illustrations come from my interest in inter-species relationships.
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250 N. Goodman St, #208, Rochester, NY 14607
Subliminally worked layers of texture and color develop into hidden patterns and non-representational imagery. “My curious nature and interest in “ologies” – archaeology, anthropology, and genealogy, undeniably play a part in my work method
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250 N. Goodman St, #3-00, Rochester, NY 14607
I am drawn to the mid-20th century contemporary artists; particularly the abstract expressionists as well as aboriginal art work and outsider art. I usually paint in acrylics on paper and sometimes on board. Most often my work is purely abstract
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250 North Goodman Street, Studio: #3B, Rochester, NY 14607
Elisa works in several mediums, including clay, oil, acrylics, watercolor, and mixed media and sculpture. Painting what inspires her - a figure, a mixture of colors in a landscape, shapes that intrigue her. She paints to release a moods and emotion
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250 North Goodman Street, #212, Rochester, NY 14607
Artist Lisa Wagner creates a wide range of art pieces, specializing in watercolors, collage, acrylic & intuitive painting. Lisa also teaches all of her mediums and holds workshops for a more intense delve into the medium and one’s own creative voice.
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250 North Goodman, Rochester, NY 14607
I rarely have an idea of where a painting is going to take me. I will see a shape with an intriguing contour and that will become the basis for an entire painting. Once I have a shape on the canvas, I enter into a kind of a conversation with it.
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