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250 E Main St, Rochester, NY 14604
The fine artworks are created by juxtaposing photographs of neglected spaces with occupied images from the past, the present, the real or the unreal. Roslyn Rose is new artist in Rochester. Her work is in many museums and private collections and has
1115 E Main Street , Rochester, NY 14609
Available for commissions of your fuzzy friends! I'm a painter/printmaker with a strong interest in the human condition. Even my animal illustrations come from my interest in inter-species relationships.
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Irondequoit, NY
Hi, I am Kevin Tubiolo, photographer and owner of Trick of the Light Photography. I grew up in the Town of Irondequoit, a suburb of the City of Rochester, NY. I still live in Irondequoit with Kari, my bride of 30+ years, and our two dogs, Jazz and M
1115 E Main St , #106, Rochester, NY 14609
I am a full-time potter working in Rochester, NY. I have been making my living in clay since 1979, and produce a range of stoneware, ash glazed and single-fired, which is suitable for use on the table and around the house.
5628 W Henrietta Rd , West Henrietta, NY 14586
As a custom home builder, I am constantly looking for new and innovative building procedures and energy conscious materials to give the homeowner the best choices in building their custom home.
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250 North Goodman Street, Studio: #3B, Rochester, NY 14607
Elisa works in several mediums, including clay, oil, acrylics, watercolor, and mixed media and sculpture. Painting what inspires her - a figure, a mixture of colors in a landscape, shapes that intrigue her. She paints to release a moods and emotion
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250 N. Goodman St, #3-00, Rochester, NY 14607
I am drawn to the mid-20th century contemporary artists; particularly the abstract expressionists as well as aboriginal art work and outsider art. I usually paint in acrylics on paper and sometimes on board. Most often my work is purely abstract
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250 North Goodman, #209, Rochester, NY 14607
The focal point of my art career has been fine art screen printing and I have pioneered the use of a non-toxic screen printing process using materials that are beneficial to the environment and not hazardous to one's health.
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250 North Goodman, Rochester, NY 14607
I rarely have an idea of where a painting is going to take me. I will see a shape with an intriguing contour and that will become the basis for an entire painting. Once I have a shape on the canvas, I enter into a kind of a conversation with it.
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250 N Goodman St, #211, Rochester, NY 14607
I create unique adornments that will stand the test of time. My one of a kind designs are both classic and contemporary, utilizing semi-precious stones, artisan made art glass beads, antique buttons, and hand-painted wooden beads.
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250 N. Goodman St, Studio #202, Rochester, NY 14607
Selling a number of utilitarian items, such as scarves, rugs and blankets, I have been experimenting and creating art pieces woven of copper and brass wire. I use a damask technique, which enables me to put complex images in the fabric before m
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250 N. Goodman St, Studio #203, Rochester, NY 14609
My work is a journey that connects to deeper "knowing" within. I do this by exploring patterns of consciousness, subconscious & dreams. Lately, the material that I find most satisfying to work in is clay. Through the ancientness of clay (or earth) an
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